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Welcome to Art Tattoo Studio

Our tattoo shop is open and ready to ink. No appointment is needed. Please feel free to stop by today and choose a design from our collection bring your own, or have us design you something cool.

In the heart of Galway City, back in 2012, Art Tattoo first opened its doors to build a tattoo studio that could offer clients a unique and customised experience from a variety of highly skilled and talented artists.

Our artists work with the client, taking their ideas and making them come to life to ensure a magnificent personalised piece, no matter how big or small they may be.

Meet the Artists

Artur Art Tattoo


Artur has more than 20 years of experience mainly working with black and grey. Artur is best suited to large tattoos and realistic tattoo styles. He can create wonders in colour and great at large cover up pieces.


Large Tattoos

Small - Medium Tattoos

Cover up Tattoos